“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth”

— Marcus Arelious



Chris has always been an artist. As a child, he was always drawing and sketching, a hobby that repeatedly got him in trouble all through grade school. He leaning heavily into music starting in his teens and had picked up a camera with artistic intent by the end of high school.

Turning down the photojournalism course at S.C.A.D., Chris opted to learn on his own; A process that would take far longer than a 4-year degree but would evolve into a style that is far more unique, complex and all his own. His photo work often juxtaposes the lines of fine art and journalism. Known for his cinematic lighting, and creative portraiture, Chris’s images often aim to capture an element of realism and also create narrative and wonder –– like a dream that you can’t quite remember the fine details of.

Chris is also a published editorial writer as well as writing his own narrative works and poetry. Forever curious, eager to learn and an aspiring polymath, you can always expect that he’s doing or learning something new. When he isn't behind the camera or penning words he can be found exploring the outdoors, tattooing a friend, or cooking a meal at home with his wife.


Chris Daniels is an artist, photographer, writer, and director with clients based in Seattle, Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta and beyond.

He’s an idea-guy, and has a reputation for being easy to work with, highly creative, and gaining the attention of of viewers through the honesty, (and sometime oddity,) of his work. Chris is also known for being able to quickly calm and connect with his subjects, allowing them to feel at ease.

He is revered for his portraiture, fine art, and cinematic style, as well as his technical abilities in retouching, and lighting design.


If you would like to work with Chris, have questions or just want to have a cup of coffee, please say hello!


Current Favorite Cocktail:  White Mezcal Negroni

1.5 oz vida mezcal

.75 oz suze

.75 oz lillet blanc

  • stir
  • strain over rocks
  • express with grapefruit peel




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