MIAMI | south beach


i don't do a lot of candid photography, but i absolutely love street-style documentary images. there is little to no control to the style. you be bold and get the shot or you miss it and it's gone. i challenge myself to take them from time to time and there are few places better to do so than a crowded beach in Miami.
below are some images taken over the span of a couple of days. my method of capturing these moments was simple; look as much like a dumb, wandering tourist as possible. not a difficult feat on south beach. 

the public beach is a funny place. aside from the airport, i'm hard-pressed to think of another common public attraction that allows and even encourages such a vast array of oddities. despite being in plain view of the world, people often truly let go in these environments and show their colors. 

all together beautiful, ugly, strange, weird and intriguing, it's a marvelous spectacle of society and humanity at large.

i recall this moment quite vividly; the way the young girl owned her beach dress and walk, and the slightly grumpy expression and pace of the man - the woman trailing behind, lost in thought.

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